Submission System:

Abstract Submission Due May 20, 2023 midnight HKT (CLOSED)

Notification of abstract acceptance: Jul 10, 2023

Instructions to authors for Abstract Submission


Choose a clear, concise and short title.


Please select a category at the submission website that best describes your paper. This information is used to match the abstract with reviewers’ expertise. 

Tissue Engineering and Regeneration

Design and Application of Biomaterials

Stem Cells and Cell-Based Therapies

Enabling Technologies 

SYIS (Student and Young Investigator Section) plus one of the categories above

Abstract Body:

Maximum length: 1000 words (or to fit into 1-A4 size page with Times New Roman font size 10) plus figures and all contents.  See attached abstract example.

The abstract body should be structured with the format below:

• Introduction

• Subjects and Methods

• Results

• Discussion and Conclusion

• References (optional, 3 or less)

• Acknowledgement (optional)

Figure & Table:

Optional but maximal 1 Figure with figure legend and/or 1 Table to be placed at the end of the Abstract

Sample Abstract: may also refer to the attached sample abstract for preparing your abstract.

If you have any questions about the instructions, please contact us at