Call for Symposia Proposal Submission (Closed)

We invite leaders in the following field to consider leading or participating one or more of the following symposia (see attached proposed list).  New symposia are also welcome. Please submit your proposal for symposia by using the template below, and submit online before February 28, 2023 (Tuesday), midnight HKT.  The selected symposia will be scheduled in the meeting program and the coordinator and keynote speakers of the selected symposia will receive discount for their meeting registration fee as well as an invitation for a free presidential dinner.

List of TERIMS-AP 2023 Proposed Possible Symposia Titles:

  1. 3D tissue-engineered tissue or cancer models in vitro
  2. Advanced medical imaging for tissue engineering applications
  3. Bioengineering in ophthalmology
  4. Tissue engineering in space or under microgravity
  5. Biomaterial approaches for sustainable tissue engineering
  6. Biomaterial and cell-based approaches for musculoskeletal medicine
  7. Biomaterial-based delivery technologies
  8. Stem cells in regenerative medicine
  9. Novel technologies in stem cell derivation and application
  10. Biomaterials driven endogenous tissue regeneration
  11. Artificial intelligence in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  12. Innovation in biofabrication
  13. Fundamentals of and clinical perspectives of biophysical stimulation
  14. Gene therapy approaches in tissue regeneration
  15. Regenerative rehabilitation
  16. How to bring your biomedical application into a patient?
  17. Modalities tracking scaffolds’ degradation and cellular response
  18. Integrative multiscale modelling approaches to tissue engineering
  19. Mechanotherapies: Informed approaches for regenerative medicine
  20. New frontiers in cardiac regenerative medicine
  21. Non-conventional 3D fabrication of cellularised biomimetic structures
  22. Organoids and multicellular aggregates in biofabrication
  23. Regenerative medicine in surgery
  24. Respiratory tissue engineering and regeneration
  25. Skin in a Dish: from development to translational research
  26. Smart-materials for tissue regeneration
  27. Spatial organization of the process of wound healing
  28. Stimuli-responsive materials for tissue regeneration
  29. Structural hydrogels for tissue engineering
  30. Sustainable biomaterials in bone tissue engineering
  31. Extracellular matrices in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  32. The macrophage as a target in biomaterial-based tissue regeneration
  33. Dental repair and surgery
  34. Vascularization in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  35. Veterinary regenerative medicine
  36. Single-cell, spheroid and organoid tissues
  37. Where tissue engineering and regenerative medicine meet light
  38. GMP practice in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  39. Industry liaison
  40. Publication matters
  41. Career developments for SYIS
  42. Others

Deadline: February 28, 2023 (Tuesday), midnight HKT

Submission System: (Closed)

Notification of Symposia Proposal Acceptance March 12, 2023

If you have any concerns, please contact us via email (